Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have also completed a new project that gave me a wonderful excuse to use some of my favorite old buttons, trims and fabrics. It is a Victorian Slipper scissor keeper and pin case.

I have been asked to teach it at a silk ribbon retreat in Scotts Valley , CA in November. Check out my teaching calendar on my site for details at
We will be at the Pasatiempo Inn on November 4-7th
My ribbon teacher extraordinaire will be presenting 3 wonderful silk ribbon projects and you can see her things at

Somehow I dropped the photo of my book Cloth Doll Artistry. Boo Hoo.
This is a wonderful book on 3 very different types of cloth dolls to make including a full chapter on fabric and color choices.
I wanted to teach you in my absence how to create a beautiful cloth doll with full step by step instructions. Take a peek inside the book on
and as always I love to hear your comments.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Don't you just love delicious little things that brighten your day?
I found these fabulous French trims recently and I need to lavish them on something soon.
My head is spinning with ideas!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another new book is in the works titled Cloth Doll Workshop.
I co-authored this new one with Elinor Peace Bailey and Patti Culea. We focused on the newer doll maker and shared a bit of our studios with you. It was such fun working all together to bring this new book to you. It is very diverse as are the dolls and their makers. How fun that we all bring such a different energy to the cloth doll concept.
It will be out in November and is available for pre sale on now
Take a peek at the cover and bit of the inside as a preview.

Finally I am back to this blog and happy to be here.

So many new things to share and show you.

I am home for the summer and have been working new dolls and projects to teach and share.

I have a new doll I will be teaching in England at Blue Haze in Chesham, Buckinhamshire
in October, 2010. Her name is Pierette and she is a wall doll with a soft sculpted face.

My new web site is up and I am posting to it daily to get it all up to date. It is so nice to have a new look to navigate around. I used several items from my book designs to create the opening page. The little dresses are from Cloth Doll Artistry and were perfect for the site!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Here is a little vintage shoe pin cushion that I have revamped with some of my special trims and charms. I am calling it SECOND DEBUT!

So much to play with so little time!