Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another new book is in the works titled Cloth Doll Workshop.
I co-authored this new one with Elinor Peace Bailey and Patti Culea. We focused on the newer doll maker and shared a bit of our studios with you. It was such fun working all together to bring this new book to you. It is very diverse as are the dolls and their makers. How fun that we all bring such a different energy to the cloth doll concept.
It will be out in November and is available for pre sale on now
Take a peek at the cover and bit of the inside as a preview.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Barbara I wanted to leave a comment in your visitors book in your new website but it doesn't have a visitors book!! Oh you must have that. Please it would be lovely to sign the book in your website.

Marjorie Tuffnell said...

Barbara I've just received Cloth Doll Workshop and love it! Beautifully illustrated as usual and I can't wait to try all the doll projects. Even as an experienced dollmaker I found lots to interest me.